Booker's Referral Partner Program

Empower your network with the tools to grow their business,

while working your way up our NEW Partner Tiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn for referring my network and clients to Booker?

As a registered partner, you can start earning after your very first referral. Submit their name in the portal or track them with your unique URL and you will receive notifications for each reward you earn.

Will Booker contact my referral directly?

Yes! For each business you refer to us, one of our dedicated specialists will follow up with them directly to walk them through the Booker platform. We may also contact them after they purchase or request information, but they can opt out at any time.

Is there a Booker link I can send my friends and family?

Yes. When you register as a new referral partner, you’ll receive your own Personal Referral Link. It will appear in (1) the referral email that is sent to each business you refer and (2) in the information that is sent to your referral when you share the offer. You can also find your unique link in the "Share & Earn" tab of the partner portal.

Where do I go to submit new referrals?

Please visit the "Get Started" section of the referral partner portal to enter the names and contact information of the businesses you wish to refer.

How long does it take to receive my commission after my referral signs up for Booker?

Once your referral signs up with Booker, you will be contacted by your partner manager to complete your w9 and ACH forms for payment. Once your forms are properly completed, you can expect your commission the month following your referral’s go-live date. If you have any questions, ask your PM.

I’m Bronze and submitted leads, when do I know if I’ve qualified for the Silver Tier?

As soon as 3 of your referrals have signed up, one of our Partner Managers will reach out to you to schedule an introductory call! They will tell you all about Silver benefits and properly adjust your status so that the beginning of the next calendar month, you’ll be officially Silver.

Who can I contact if I have a question about my referrals or gift card orders?

Please email